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"The saint proves his vision by stepping cheerfully into the fires.  The poet, somewhat less spectacularly, proves his vision by submitting it to the fires of irony, in the hope that the fires will refine it.  In other words, the poet wishes to indicate that his vision has been earned, that it can survive reference to the contradictions of experience."
-Robert Penn Warren
           from "Pure and Impure Poetry"
How to Eat an Orange
Good Old John
Shasta in the Wind
Light from the Surface

Stella's Garden

Kitchen Table

Old Men

Turning to Go

Into the Silent

Trouble with the Fall

Footprints and Called Away:
Poems for Stella

My Secret Life

The Day of the Tidal Wave


Signal Fires

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Garden Window
The Guy Who Wanted a Dog
My Novel in Prcess, Cortina Summer