So maybe after several years
you say you know me.
You've seen me come and go
and you notice my habits. 
How I always have a pen, how
I let my glasses get dusty until my eyes
are nearly hidden.  How I wear baggy
clothes and shoes that need a shine,
blow my nose too loud. 

I should tell you that I have a secret
life.  I like to watch cartoons and look
at pictures of log houses, built back
in the quiet and secluded trees. 
Did you know I have loved
and kept it a secret? 

In fact, I denied it and boxed it away
remembering Cyrano; imagined myself
on some pockmarked battlefield. 
Dulce et decorum est…. It couldn’t be helped. 

Yet maybe you know me, you see
I drive a pickup truck, I always
have something to read:
The Journal
Faulkner or Calvin & Hobbes
Did you know I sleep to the sound of water,
that wind in the trees makes me dream?

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Copyright by Kyle Kimberlin
All Rights Reserved